theseus and the minotaur

theseus was a boy that lived with his mother in a small town in egypt before christ.One day her mother gave him a sword of a king.She explain him that he have two fathers and he never know any one.she told him that he was the son of poseidon and the king aegeus. he went with his father, and his father told him about a creature called minotauro. The minotauro was the son of minos and every year fourteen young athenians went to bahariva to kill him but they never come back.Theseus decide towent to kill him. when he went a girl gave him a rope and a knife.He went and killed the minotaur and then he escape from the labyrinth with the rope. When he came back his father die and he becomes the king of el harra.

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Amazon Rally

Brian and David were running a career across de Amazon jungle, in Brazil.  After some days they were lost, suddenly a group of Indians appeared. They were very angry, but David and Brian didn´t understand them.

They went to the Indians village were they meet Astrid, a German woman that worked helping the indians.

She told Brian and David that a group of miners were killing de Maoni indians.-

Brian and Maoni went to the police office and said to silva that the miners were going to kill the indians.  Captain Silva said to Brian and Maoni that they can´t go because they have a lot of job with other robberies.  Then they return to the jungle quickly, but when they arrived was very late!  The minners had killed to the maoni indians. When the police came to the jungle was to late.  Police Silva captured the minners, but the maoni indians were very sad.

Brian and david, told to the others racers what happened on the race. So, the winners decided to share their Champions Trophy with David and Brian.

When they returned to London, they received a congratulations letter from de Brazilian government.-

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Luchi’s lending library

In Mel’s room Kenny found the box with the stolen money. And he stopped her but he couldn’t, she got on her motorcycle and went fast. Kenny nocked Ned’s door asking for help. So Ned got on his motorcycle and went after Mel. When he pushed her into the lake Kenny called the police officers and Mel went to prision. Then Ned asked Kenny where he will go now, and Kenny  said that he was going to San Francisco by bus. Ned asked him if he wanted to go by motorcycle with him but Kenny prefered the bus.


The end 😉

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Island for sale

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picture puzzle. lending library.

When pete rang the bell a big man appearred on the door ” helo pete I was waiting for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” pete was afraid to him becuse he was the same man of the pictures. but when he entered when he arrived to the big mans flat he took his a gun and killed him then he found amy on the bathroom and he killed her too.then a neightboor heard the noise of the gun and he called the police. when the police arrived tey started searching him but pete was hide on a closet in the big mans bedroom, they did not found him. when they left pete thougt “why I did this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” ten years later pete went to the police staton and he confess that he had killed amy aand the big man. the police inmediatly arrested him. in jail pete magically escaped and went with his family when he arrived he found two police man on the living room with a gun they told him “pet you are arrested for kill amy and that big man if you escape again we will kill you. his family started to cry when pete had leave but they could not do anithing.

The end

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The Lost Wallet

Once upon  a time there was 2 friends that they like to ride in skateboard and one day their teacher lost his wallet there are lot of money. Eric wanted to steal that money and Jhon said no. Jhon wanted to give to their teacher the wallet but the teacher looked at Jhon and he take Jhon to his home. Jhon knew he was in big trouble. The teacher meet the mom of Jhon and eric enters to the room to say that Jhon want to give the wallet back and eric bought a guitar and a skateboard with the money of the teacher. Eric have to work in the yard of the teacher to pay the money back Jhon help Eric.

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Sinbad by Emilia Janeiro

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The Secret Tunnel

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Lending Library The selfish giant

Made with Storyboard That

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Lending libary the newspaper boy

Toby VS Selfish Giant
I prefer the selfish giant because the story is not fun if its not selfish giant its not there . But toby its bored and the story its going to be the same with or without him and selfish giant its like colorfull and toby no
So i had a very complete decision that toby is bored and the selfish giant its best charactor beacasue the newspaper boy its not colorfull

But at one thing their are alike that both have a sad live once a time

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