Today it was Jaime’s turn for his show and tell. He prepared a presentation about a very special football team: one made up of all of his friends!!! This team has got “Little boy” Chiquito FACU Romero, FELIPE “Tower” Pastore, ALITO “Pipe” Higuain, MATEO “Spaghetti” Di Maria, Javier SIMON Mascherano, Carlitos PANCHI Tevez, Eber SEGUNDO Banega, Pablo NICO Zabaleta, GABINO Sergio Aguero, Ezequiel FRANCISCO Garay, FELIPE “Pochito” Lavezzi, Martin FRANCO Demichelis, Lucas VICENTE Viglia, Marcos EDU “Red” and the star player Lio JAIME “Flea” Messi.

The team has got CHEER LEADERS too!!! The girls of J2 are always there to cheer us up!


Thank you Jaime!!! It was a wonderful show and tell!!!






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