My winter holidays

The first day Euge invited me to the theater. On Wednsday I went to “Concordia” with my cousins , aunts and uncles and my parents and my sister. On Thursday I went with my grandparents and my sister to “El museo de los niños”. Then my cousins from “Corrientes” came home and we played a lot.  Then we went with my parents, my sister and my grandparents to eat to a restaurant because it was my grandfather`s birthday. On Sunday I went to Mcdonald`s with my parents, aunt, uncle, my sister and my cousins. And I went to “La rural”. It was such fun!

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4 Responses to My winter holidays

  1. mtesan says:

    your holidays were so funny !!!!!!!

  2. juana says:

    emi your holidays are very nice :):)

  3. ines says:

    Emi I love your holidays are so fun and intersting

  4. cserravazquez says:

    Emi I like your holidays becase you stayed with your family a lot !!!!!

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