My winter holidays

During my winter holidays I went to Brasil. The hotel has a pool and a school of kitesurf. On Monday I played in the pool and then I went to the beach and I played with my friends a game that we invented. Then we ate in the hotel. On Saturday we stayed in the hotel because it was raining. At night we went to have dinner to the house of a person that has a bar. On Wednesday we played pool and I lost and then I went to eat hamburgers. On Thursday we went to a place called aqua pipa and then I went to the hotel to sleep. I really enjoyed my holidays.

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6 Responses to My winter holidays

  1. flacroix says:


  2. jgarino says:

    I love Brazil, i had many funny and important histories there.

  3. edimet says:

    Ilove your winter holidays

  4. fburgio says:

    i like Brasil I went a lot of time in rio de janeiro you had a great time

  5. flopezmarquez says:

    great your holydays

  6. agaido says:

    I love brasil your holidays is de the bests and surf

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