My Winter Holidays

During the first week of my winter holidays on Monday my grandmother went to visit my sister, brother and I. My grandmother took us to eat to a restaurant. On Tuesday I went to see Mom went on a trip to the cinema. Then we walked for two hours. On Wednesday I watched TV for three hours and I stayed in my house. On Thurdsay my sister went to a friend`s house so my grandmother bought some chocolate to me and my brother. On Friday I went to Golfer`s and I played football and table football. On Saturday I went to Golfers again and I did the same. On Sunday I stayed in my house and I played with the XBox.

The second week, on Monday my mom stayed in my house. That day we went to a restaurant and I ate hamburgers and I drank Coke. On Tuesday we were happy because the next day we were going to La Plata. We went to bed at 9 pm. On Wednesday we were going to La Plata but my grandmother didn`t come. Then she came and we went to La Plata. On Thursday we came back and we went to our home. On Friday we went to eat ice-cream and then went to buy a telephone. On Saturday we went to La Rural and then we ate a chocolate. The other day I stayed at home. I really enjoyed my winter holidays.

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    Very nice and interesting!

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