My winter holidays

On Saturday I went to Gabino’s house for three days with Jaime, we had a lot of fun. On Tuesday I went to Mateo’s birthday with Jaime, Lacro, Pipe and Gabo.  We went to the cinema to see “Cars 3”. I stayed at home from Tuesday to Sunday. On Sunday afternon  I went to my grandparents’ house. On Tuesday I went to “La rural” with  my sister, my grandmother, my aunt and my cousin; we saw a lot of funny things. I stayed at my grandmother´s house until Thursday. On Friday I went to Martindale. I played a lot of football. I really enjoyed my winter holidays!

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4 Responses to My winter holidays

  1. fcarrizo says:

    you do a lot of things 🙂

  2. agaido says:

    I like cars 3 your holidays is good.

  3. flacroix says:


  4. fvillegasargento says:

    I like that you play football because I like football very much.

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