My winter holidays

My winter holidays were great. They started on Saturday’s morning  with a football match vs the Calazans. When the match finished I went to Gabino’s house in Mayling with Simon. I stayed until Moday because  on Tuesday morning I had an appointament with the doctor. On Tuesday, Wednesday,  Thursday  and Friday I was with my family. On Saturday at 3:00  my family and I woke up because the plane to Neuquen left at 6:00; then I took a bus to Caviahue, the trip lasted 6 hours. When we arrived , it was snowing very hard. On Monday, Tuesday , Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday I skied. On Saturday  I skied the most difficult  slopes. When I had to go to Buenos Aires we went back to the hotel, we did the bags  and we took the same bus to the airport. There we took the plane.  When it arrived, we ate a pizza and we went to sleep. On Sunday I was with the family. I really enjoyed my holidays!

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8 Responses to My winter holidays

  1. fcarrizo says:

    are very funny!!!! i really want to sky 🙂 🙂

  2. flacroix says:


  3. Alejo says:

    I like sky and neuquen your holidays is very good.

  4. franciscoandres says:

    Very fun and interesting holidays!!!!!!

  5. franciscoandres says:

    Very fun and interesting holidays!!!!!!!

  6. fvillegasargento says:

    It was very great your holidays.

  7. saguilar says:

    very nice I wish I had gone with you.

  8. fburgio says:

    I like all your winter holidays you had a great time

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