The first 4 days I had a lot of fun with Simon and Jaime.We played soccer,with the ipad and with the ps4. The next 3 days it was very boring but then Mate came home and we had a lot of fun. Then we went to bed we played with the ipad and went to sleep.  The next day we did the same. Then in the afternoon he went to his home. Then I played with the ps4. The next day I woke up, I made breakfast and I ate it. It was good. Then  I watched lab rats for some hours until night. It was perfect. The next 4 days I played with the ps4. The following day I took a shower at around 10 o`clock. Then I got dressed and my mom´s friends came home and I had a lot of fun. I really had a great holiday.

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  1. manu says:

    your holidays were fantastic

  2. mtasca says:

    is so nice so itreteining and so funy

  3. Vicen says:

    Great holidays you have Gabo

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