My winter holidays

During my winter holidays, in the first week I went to Juana’s house to sleep and I went to a theatre with friends.In the second week, I went to Miami. On Monday,  I went to a shopping mall called Walmart. On Tuesday I went to the Dolphin Mall and Ikea.On Wednsday I went to Lincoln  road.On  Thursday I went to sturbucks. On Friday I went to doncky donuts and to H y M. On saturday I came back. On Sunday some friends came to my house.I really enjoyed myself during the holidays.

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4 Responses to My winter holidays

  1. eyezze says:

    Ine I like your winter holidays I want to go to miami to visit walmart.

  2. lgarciallano says:

    Ine you have an amazing holidays:):):)

  3. franciscoandres says:

    Ine I like very much your holidays it was very entertaining:):)

  4. juana says:

    INE your holidays are so nice becase I love to went to miami 🙂

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