The first day I stayed in my house all day. During the other six days, one day I went to my grandparents`  house. The other day I went to the cinema with Simon, Gabo, Pipe and Mateo, we saw CARS 3!!!!!!!!! And the other days I stayed at home. After those six days I went to SAN MARTIN DE LOS ANDES by car!!! On the road we (my family and I) stayed in a hotel that is called ARROYITO. The next day we continued the trip, when we arrived to the house my grandmother was THERE!!!!!!!! All days we went to a SKI and SNOWBOARD school from 10:30 A.M to 4:10 P.M but not on Saturdays. After the ski lessons I went skiing with my family. I ate all days in the ski school. On Saturday I skied a lot with my mother, but not with my father because he was working. On Saturday I went to a track with my mother and my grandmother that is called “Cerro Teta” and another called “Rancho Grande”. On Sunday I came back to Buenos Aires. I had a lot of fun!

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