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theseus and the minotaur.nomber 7

theseus arrived at the door to the minotaur’s castle.theseus walk into the caslte and he found the minotaur and then a long battle the minotaur kill theseus and then the mother  realized than her son is dead  and then she  … Continue reading

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Today First we give to Mechi the clean copies. Then we do one photocopy of the tenses,then we go to the break. when we came back from the break we do making questions. (:

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My oral presentation

This is my oral presentation of Neil Armstrong. Neil armstrong by Feli de Maru Diaz

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Sherlock Holmes and the Emerald Crown by Jaime

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This is my oral presentation. I hope you like it. Facu's Oral Presentation de Maru Diaz

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Our Interviews

We have been practicing making questions and we thought it would be a good idea to make questions to real people about real things, not just exercises on paper so we prepared some questions and we went around the school … Continue reading

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Lending Library TIC-TAC-TOE

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Here´s a tutorial for you to check on the use of the different tools suggested to complete your lending library assignments! Have fun and enjoy your reading! Tools from colegiolascumbres

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