The lost wallet

I read The lost wallet. This is my new ending.

John was very angry with his friend. ‘Why can’t Eric understand?’ he thought.
John had an idea ‘We can work to get the money and then give the wallet back to Mr Harris’.

When they where in class Mr Harris seemed worried, he was looking for something. John and Eric thought he was looking for the test, but Mr. Harris noticed his wallet was missing. He looked very angry, he asked his students ‘Who has my wallet? I can’t find it and I’m sure it was here. You have one minute to tell me who stole it.’

John wanted to give it back, but Eric stopped him. They knew if they give the wallet back to Mr Harris they will be in a big trouble.

Mr harris said ‘The minute have just left and I still don’t have my wallet. Anybody has something to say?’

Nobody said a word, so Mr Harris said strongly ‘You will all have a test every day until the one who stole my wallet give it back to me.’

John thought ‘We will have to work hard and get the money soon!’

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  1. mechibissone says:

    Great ending, Franco! I really liked it! You did an excellent job! Congratulations!!

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