I read Kidnap, I change the final – Lending library

Max, Rita and Anastasia where in the van. Max was driving very fast when Anastasia jumped off the van and Rita decided to go after her, so she jumped to.

Anastasia was running to the forest when she crashes with a tree and she started screaming in pain. Fortunately tom hear her shouts so he go for her. When they were running they notice that Rita is going after they. Tom and Anastasia stopped because there is a river. Rita stopped too, and she says “If you move I kill you”. Suddenly a tree fall over Rita. Anastasia call an Ambulance and the Police. Then the Police and the Doctors says “what happened”, Tom says “the tree fall over her”.

The Doctors take Rita to the Hospital and they says that she is dead.

Tom and Anastasia get in love and they live happily for ever.


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  1. mechibissone says:

    Wow Feli, great ending! Excellent job! (Please pay attention to the verb tenses)

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