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This story is about a man called Tom. He was an artist and he was working on a comic strip. Tom went to the shop in the bookstore to drink some coffee and to find ideas for his comic.
Inside the bookstore he saw a paper falling from a man´s hand. He picked up the paper . Minutes later he left the bookstore and he saw a woman standing on the Street.
He asked the girl if she was okey, her name was Rita. She looked a map on the man´s hand. That map had directions, times and a school . Suddenly Tom took a look at the map and he thought that maybe the man in the bookstore want to kidnap a child.
Tom didn´t know that Rita wants to kidnap a child and then they went together to that school to see if the man was going there. On the road they stopped on a gas station. When Tom paid for the gas he asked the cashier if there was a school nearby.
The cashier said …” yes!!, Hillside School”.. and she told Tom that Jodie Anne Ryan (A movie star) was a student there. Jodie with her daughter Anastasia were going to that school. Because there was a Winter holiday concert, and the students were singing for them.
In that moment Tom realiced that Anastasia was the child that the men wanted to kidnap. Suddenly Tom went to the car . He wanted to call the police but Rita had a gun in her hand.
Tom understood all !!.He asked Rita what do she wanted with Anastasia. Rita told him that she and her friends (The men of the bookstore, Max and Joe) wanted to kidnap Anastasia, then they would asked Jodie for three million dollars.
When Tom and Rita were going to school they saw a black car caming down the road. It was Jodie Anne Ryan´s limousine.
Suddenly Rita´s friends cut the road and when the limousine stopped Max took Anastasia from the limousine and put her in a van where was Tom kidnaped too. The bodyguard shooted but he couldn´t stop the van so he called the police about this.
Tom and Anastasia were sitting in the back of the van when it skidded on the ice and snow . The van hit with a tree. Anastasia and Tom could get out . They started to ran very fast, and they could escape from Rita and Max. Minutes later the police arrived and they could catched the bad guys.
Back home, Tom looked at his comic strip and thought … NOW I HAVE LOTS OF NEW GREAT IDEAS FOR IT.”

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  1. mechibissone says:

    Wow Mary!!! Excellent summary!!! You did an excellent job!
    Remember: could+ verb in the infinitive. “They could catch the bad guys”

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