My lending library The selfish giant

Every day after school, children play in the giant’s garden that is beautiful, but the giant dont like it, so he says “get out of my garden”, so he put walls around the garden.

The giant see a fairy who dont gives golden Apples to the selfish people and the giant is selfish so he dont recive golden apples.

When the children dont come to the garden, the garden is horrible, the flours come down and it is all snow. Then the giant notice that in the garden something is missing. One day the giant see children walking inside of the garden through a howl in the wall. When the  he giant go to his garden all the children go outside of the garden but one little Boy stay in the garden with his hands on his eyes. He was so afried. He wants to go up of the tree and the giant help him. Then the little Boy put his hands around of his body and kiss him. He is his fauvorite of all.

The giant broke the wall with an axe and the children plays with the giant but he note that his fauvorite Boy never comes. With the time the giant get old and he only can see the children playing but his fauvorite no. One day the children goes to play in the giant garden but they see the giant sitting down of a tree, but he is dead.

The end

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  1. mechibissone says:

    Feli, great story! Congratulations!
    Remember only HE, SHE and IT in the simple present take “S” in the verb.

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