A Helping Hand

Daniela and Tyler enter in secret to Mr. Jenkin s house. They are look for David. ¨Daniela you go first¨ said Tyler.
¨Me, why me¨. Repiled Daniela.
Mr. Jenkins open the door. Hi Guys, your frien its okay. He fell of his bike.
My dog found him and I brought here. I guess, you are Daniela and you are Tyler, right? Daniela and Tyler were very shocked.
How does he know our names? They thought.
Daniela looked at Tyler. They are very surprised. Then they heard Daniela? Tyler? Where am I?
¨David you are not dead¨cried Daniela.
She was very happy. ¨I was so warried about you, are you ok? No he repiled but Mr. Jenkins says I ¨I will be ok soon¨

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  1. mechibissone says:

    Wow, Franchu, excellent ending! Well done!!!

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