A Girl in a Motorbike

Project #9

The story takes place in the present time in a little town, fifty kilometers away from Los Angeles.


One day Kenny arrives to San Isidro and stays for one day in a five stars hotel. When he enters to the room of the hotel he switches on the TV and watches a robbery situation in Martinez in the news. Then he goes to the restaurant of the hotel and sees a blond woman, called Mel, identical of the one who commits the robbery with a motorbike. Then Kenny asks the keys of the blond woman’s room to a maid and enters in it to look for the robbed money. But he doesn’t find anything. A minute later the blond woman enters to her room and Kenny escapes from the window and enters to the next room. There he finds a blond wig and money. Ned, the man who lives in this room, comes, hits  him and escapes. Kenny shouts that he is a robber and Mel follows him in her motorbike. Ned fells in the water and he doesn’t know to swim. Soon a policeman arrives, takes Ned out of the water and thanks Kenny and Mel for their help.

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  1. mechibissone says:

    Cande you did an excellent job! Congratulations! Mechi

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