Amazon Rally

the race end and the winner are the italians felicitations now we can go to our house to festej the race and can i buy something for eat

yes obiusly you can buy something good for all my friends you can buy sandwiches and more

oh yes bye I have to go to the supermarket to bought all the sandwiches how many sandwiches i have to buy

you have to buy 40 sandwiches and cheeze because all my friends like so much the sanwiches and you?

yes I like it but no so much i can buy some pizzas

yes oh thank mom  you so much well thank  you mom for all for see me all the race and buy pizzas and sanwiches I can do something for you

yes what do another race like that because I like so much this raceoh  yes this friday?

yes well thank you so much but i have to go to my house bye bye mom i see yo on friday yes but what hour i have to be there?

1.30 pm

ok bye bye mom.

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  1. mechibissone says:

    Manu, which of the activities did you choose?
    Please remember to use puntuation. Some ideas are not clear enough.

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