My Lending Libary christmas in PARAGUE

My new End of christmas in PRAGUE is like this before the concert Mr rinaldi when he went to the hospital to saw carol then of saw carol some people enter to the hispital to steal thing of other people because they were thiefs. So they put carol under the bed ,but when the thiefs enter they knock all the people in that room except Carol. When the tiefs went out of the hospital there qere any sound there so is probably that the doctors are knock to.
So then of 12 hours The knock people wake up but, it was so late, Carol in 12 need a doctor but all were knock so Carol died and all the people didn’t know what has happen there because they were knock so that is the END modificate of the story.

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  1. mechibissone says:

    Oh, Vicen, how sad….
    Please remember to use punctuation when you write a paragraph.

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