picture puzzle. lending library.

When pete rang the bell a big man appearred on the door ” helo pete I was waiting for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” pete was afraid to him becuse he was the same man of the pictures. but when he entered when he arrived to the big mans flat he took his a gun and killed him then he found amy on the bathroom and he killed her too.then a neightboor heard the noise of the gun and he called the police. when the police arrived tey started searching him but pete was hide on a closet in the big mans bedroom, they did not found him. when they left pete thougt “why I did this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” ten years later pete went to the police staton and he confess that he had killed amy aand the big man. the police inmediatly arrested him. in jail pete magically escaped and went with his family when he arrived he found two police man on the living room with a gun they told him “pet you are arrested for kill amy and that big man if you escape again we will kill you. his family started to cry when pete had leave but they could not do anithing.

The end

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  1. mechibissone says:

    Oh, my God, what an ending Simon!!!
    You did a great job! Be careful with tenses and punctuation.

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