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Lending library. l.a. raid Recorder >>

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Los Ángeles by Jaime,Emilia,Nico,Cande

This is a broshure about los Ángeles by Jaime,Candelaria,Emilia and Nicolas.

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Lending library Jaime Garino

“The Wrong Trousers”  by Jaime Garino Wallace      

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12/7 july

Today we do a  photocopy of the present perfect we practin in .

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Today we start making models of the flyers. We make a listening comprehension and a reading comprehension then we come home. The end of the day.

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The monkey’s paw by Jaime

jaime lending library

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Sherlock Holmes and the Emerald Crown by Jaime

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My winter holidays

My winter holidays were great. They started on Saturday’s morning  with a football match vs the Calazans. When the match finished I went to Gabino’s house in Mayling with Simon. I stayed until Moday because  on Tuesday morning I had … Continue reading

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