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Tsunami from marudiaz77

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Oral Presentation

This is my oral presentation from marudiaz77

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We are Masterchefs!

Congrats on your work last Thursday children! It was great to see how well you worked in teams and produced delicious desserts! You rock!

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Our Interviews

We have been practicing making questions and we thought it would be a good idea to make questions to real people about real things, not just exercises on paper so we prepared some questions and we went around the school … Continue reading

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Lending Library TIC-TAC-TOE

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Here´s a tutorial for you to check on the use of the different tools suggested to complete your lending library assignments! Have fun and enjoy your reading! Tools from colegiolascumbres

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Bella´s Home

In this first unit of the Oxford Discover we have been learning about where we are in the universe. We read a poem that a science teacher wrote to help his daughter understand that the sun was only one star … Continue reading

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Welcome back children!

It´s so nice to share this year with you. I can’t believe you are already in Junior 5! I remember when we shared some months in Junior 2… you have grown so much! This is our blog and we will … Continue reading

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End of Unit Project: Music

As we finished the unit on Music we created our own musical instruments. All families of instruments were present in our creations. We learnt a lot and had tons of fun!

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Saving New York by Gabo & Facu

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