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Thesus and the minotaur

this is my lending library of thesus and the minotaur. Made with Storyboard That

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The wrong Trousers

I read the wrong trousers. These are my questions and answers for the author.

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March 16th

We checked the answers of  making questions. We read a poem of the oxford discover called  Bella´s  Home. We did a reading comprehension and a listening comprehension about the story.

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March, 12th

We corrected an activity about simple past and past continuous. We did an activity about wh words and we practised making questions.

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What we did today

Today we received the certificates of the Cambridge Movers Exams. We worked with the simple present tense and present continuous.

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My winter holidays

On Saturday I went to Gabino’s house for three days with Jaime, we had a lot of fun. On Tuesday I went to Mateo’s birthday with Jaime, Lacro, Pipe and Gabo.  We went to the cinema to see “Cars 3”. … Continue reading

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