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My Lending Library

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Today first we do a list of the irregular verbs.Then we go to the break,we use the booklet pag 2 and 3 using the vocabulary of the new unit.And the most important thing Mechi is going to give us the … Continue reading

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Today first we did the second part of the quiz it was of making questions. Then we went to the break, when we came back we read a story from the oxford of the ancient army of china we reached … Continue reading

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My Lending Libery

This is my lending library activity.

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Today we worked with the oxford discover pages 28 and 29. We watched a short video to introduce the new unit. We learned about the author s purpose (to entertain,to inform and to persuade). And then we did circle time. … Continue reading

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Today First we give to Mechi the clean copies. Then we do one photocopy of the tenses,then we go to the break. when we came back from the break we do making questions. (:

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Today Mechy gave us the clean copy from the last week. we did some photocpoies to go over the vocabulary of the universe and then we used the Oxford Discover to learn about predictions and facts.

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My Winter Holidays

During Winter Holidays I did many things. From Monday to Friday I played with the “PlayStation”. Then on sunday I went whit  my mother and Gaston to McDonalds and then we went to “Sacoa” but it was closed so we … Continue reading

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