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I read Kidnap, I change the final – Lending library

Max, Rita and Anastasia where in the van. Max was driving very fast when Anastasia jumped off the van and Rita decided to go after her, so she jumped to. Anastasia was running to the forest when she crashes with … Continue reading

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My Lending Libery

This is my lending library activity.

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Newspaper Boy by Ines

This is my lending library book activity.

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My lending Library Book

This is the presentation I made of my lending library. A girl in a motorcicle from Maru Diaz

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The monkeys paw

Made with Storyboard That

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The lost wallet

I read The lost wallet. This is my new ending. John was very angry with his friend. ‘Why can’t Eric understand?’ he thought. John had an idea ‘We can work to get the money and then give the wallet back … Continue reading

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Gabino’s Storyboard. The Secret Tunnel

Made with Storyboard That

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Travel to the Sea

I read Travel to the Sea. These are my questions and answers to the author. Record music with Vocaroo >>

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L.A Raid

This is the story board that I did after I read the book.

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The wrong Trousers

I read the wrong trousers. These are my questions and answers for the author.

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