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Today first we did some exercises of the vocabulary of unit 7. Then we learned the “text features”.Some time later we read an article of art its called “art through new eyes”(we did a comprehensionof this) END

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Tsunami from marudiaz77

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Oral Presentation

This is my oral presentation from marudiaz77

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We are Masterchefs!

Congrats on your work last Thursday children! It was great to see how well you worked in teams and produced delicious desserts! You rock!

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My oral presentation

Hurricane from Maru Diaz

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I Spy

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My oral presentation

Oral presentation from Maru Diaz

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Sherlock holmes and Harry potter

Different Harry: Harry Potter use magic, Harry Potter use glasses and Harry Potter is a magician. Alike: Both are famous, both are important and both are characters. Different sherlock: Sherlock is a detective, sherlock has mustache and sherlock dont use … Continue reading

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Oliver twist

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