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My oral presentation

This is my oral presentation on Pompeii. Pompeii from marudiaz77

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oliver twist

this is my lending  library book.

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My winter holidays

The first day Euge invited me to the theater. On Wednsday I went to “Concordia” with my cousins , aunts and uncles and my parents and my sister. On Thursday I went with my grandparents and my sister to “El … Continue reading

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Emi’s Special Day

Emi talked about her different vacations last year. She spent them with many friends. After that, she did a guessing game and gave a prize to Juani and Simón! It was fantastic!

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I’m Emi. My favourite colour is purple.  

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Emi’s show and tell

Today it was my show & tell. My show and tell was about my favourite doll, Juliet. She likes bananas and she has got a lot of clothes. She has got a pet, too. It is a dog called Boy. … Continue reading

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