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I spy

This is my lending library.

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L.A Raid

This is the story board that I did after I read the book.

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Our comic strip by Mateo, Panchi & Pipe

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The Wright Brothers

Here`s Pipe`s oral presentation on the Wright Brother, the two brothers who invented the first airplane.

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The first week stayed in my house.The second week, on Monday I went to the Colonia. On Tuesday I went to a trampolin park called rush with some friends and then to a restaurants. on Wednesday  i went to the … Continue reading

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Pipe’s Special Day

Pipe prepared a Prezi and told us everything about Pokemon. He even showed us his favorite Pokemon toys! It was lovely!

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Pipe’s Show & Tell

Today, Pipe showed us a picture story made with his Legos. In the story, there are policemen chasing thieves. There are also a big car crash, a doctor, a family having a picnic, a boy surfing, a girl riding a … Continue reading

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I am Pipe

My favourite colour is green.  

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