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Juana’s Oral Presentation

Oral presentation de marudiaz77

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Trouble at Sea by Juani

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My lending Library Book

This is the presentation I made of my lending library. A girl in a motorcicle from Maru Diaz

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Our comic strip by Jaime & Juana

This is our comic strip called Galaxy Saver vs Captain Destroyer.

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During my winter holidays I went to Bariloche  with my  family. Friday  was my favourite  day.We went to “Piedra Blanca”. We ate sandwiches . Then  we went  with  my father to look for a sledge . My sister and I … Continue reading

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Juani’s Special Day

Juani showed us photos and talked about her vacations in Mar Azul. Thanks Juani! It was great!

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Juana’s Show & Tell

Today it was Juana’s show and tell. She told us about her family and we saw pictures of her two sisters, Sofia and baby Felicitas. She showed us her favourite doll, the teddy bear that she sleeps with and she told … Continue reading

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I am Juani

I’m Juani. My favourite colour is pink.  

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