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Tsunami from marudiaz77

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lending library

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Today first we do a list of the irregular verbs.Then we go to the break,we use the booklet pag 2 and 3 using the vocabulary of the new unit.And the most important thing Mechi is going to give us the … Continue reading

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theseus and the minotaur.nomber 7

theseus arrived at the door to the minotaur’s castle.theseus walk into the caslte and he found the minotaur and then a long battle the minotaur kill theseus and then the mother  realized than her son is dead  and then she  … Continue reading

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Our comic strip by Mateo, Panchi & Pipe

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The first days I went to Iguazu. One day I went with Pipe to a food track and then I went to Pipe`s house. On Friday I went to Gabos weekend house to sleep .In the second week Ibwent to … Continue reading

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Mate’s Special Day

Mate prepared a presentation on his vacations at Florianopolis. He stayed at a wonderful house! Monkeys visited them. What a great experience!

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Mateo’s Show & Tell

Today, it was Mateo’s show and tell. He showed us a picture of his family and told us a little bit about himself: he is a River Plate fan, his favourite colour is red, his favourite food is hot dog, … Continue reading

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I am Mateo

My favourite food is pizza.

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