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Oliver Twist-Eugenia Yezze N7

OLIVER TWIST PROJECT N7   oliver twist was now at mrs.maylie’s house with rose he wanted to inquire about his family wanted to see who his parents were then called mr.brownlow (who had been with him for a while) then … Continue reading

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Lending Library Kidnap


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I Spy

This is the book I read.

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Amazon Rally

I read this book. I recommend you. It is a very good book.

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Our systems

While learning about our human body, we also modelled our respiratory and circulatory systems with play doh. It was such fun! Children you are amazing artists!! Check this link below to have a look at what we did!

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How do our Bodies Work?

We’ve been learning about how our immune system works when we want to defend ourselves against viruses and bacteria. These are some of the mindmaps we did to describe how our immune system works: By Emi, Cande, Jaime and Nico … Continue reading

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My Mom, the Movie Star by Cande

Made with Storyboard That

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Lending library. l.a. raid Recorder >>

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Made with Storyboard That

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Turn up the volume!

Here are the amazing raps and songs you created using all the information we worked with in class on the immune system, virus and bacteria. We loved to see how well you worked together and how much fun you had … Continue reading

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