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My Lending Libary christmas in PARAGUE

My new End of christmas in PRAGUE is like this before the concert Mr rinaldi when he went to the hospital to saw carol then of saw carol some people enter to the hispital to steal thing of other people … Continue reading

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Emi´s Lending Library

My vocaroo

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my lending library

this is my vocaroo about the book: my mom, the movie star. and voice recording >>

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they think watson or francis prosper are the thieves so they arrest them both and interrogate them for clues. and then they found another possible thief his name is jeff.they keep trying to find the pieces. finally they find them … Continue reading

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Theseus and the Minotaur by Pipe

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The Lost Wallet by Eugenia Yezze

Made with Storyboard That

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Franco´s Oral Presentation

Quinquela from marudiaz77

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Newspaper Boy

Made with Storyboard That

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Agoust the 6th

First we saw the oral presentation made by Candelaria of “Pablo Picasso.Then we talked about of the infinitive prounouns.After the break some people finished the page 42 of the booklet and the we correct it. And then we did a … Continue reading

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