My oral presentation

This is my oral presentation on Pompeii.

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Conditionals time!

Today we practiced a little bit of conditionals and we used  linoit to create our own “Chain Poems”.  Children you did a great job!
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A Helping Hand

This is my lending library book activity.

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This is my lending library activity.

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My mom the movie star

I read this book and I prepared a Voccaroo.

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Oral Presentation| Martin LutherKing Gabino

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Today first we do a list of the irregular verbs.Then we go to the break,we use the booklet pag 2 and 3 using the vocabulary of the new unit.And the most important thing Mechi is going to give us the tests!

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Today first we did the second part of the quiz it was of making questions. Then we went to the break, when we came back we read a story from the oxford of the ancient army of china we reached conclusions,theorys. and then we did a comprehension of the story

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oliver twist

this is my lending  library book.

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A Little Princess

This is my lending library book.

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