Trouble at Sea by Juani

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Amazon Rally

the race end and the winner are the italians felicitations now we can go to our house to festej the race and can i buy something for eat

yes obiusly you can buy something good for all my friends you can buy sandwiches and more

oh yes bye I have to go to the supermarket to bought all the sandwiches how many sandwiches i have to buy

you have to buy 40 sandwiches and cheeze because all my friends like so much the sanwiches and you?

yes I like it but no so much i can buy some pizzas

yes oh thank mom  you so much well thank  you mom for all for see me all the race and buy pizzas and sanwiches I can do something for you

yes what do another race like that because I like so much this raceoh  yes this friday?

yes well thank you so much but i have to go to my house bye bye mom i see yo on friday yes but what hour i have to be there?

1.30 pm

ok bye bye mom.

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My Lending Library by Franco

Click here to wacht the animation

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my lending library INE

My Vocaroo

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A Girl in a Motorbike

Project #9

The story takes place in the present time in a little town, fifty kilometers away from Los Angeles.


One day Kenny arrives to San Isidro and stays for one day in a five stars hotel. When he enters to the room of the hotel he switches on the TV and watches a robbery situation in Martinez in the news. Then he goes to the restaurant of the hotel and sees a blond woman, called Mel, identical of the one who commits the robbery with a motorbike. Then Kenny asks the keys of the blond woman’s room to a maid and enters in it to look for the robbed money. But he doesn’t find anything. A minute later the blond woman enters to her room and Kenny escapes from the window and enters to the next room. There he finds a blond wig and money. Ned, the man who lives in this room, comes, hits  him and escapes. Kenny shouts that he is a robber and Mel follows him in her motorbike. Ned fells in the water and he doesn’t know to swim. Soon a policeman arrives, takes Ned out of the water and thanks Kenny and Mel for their help.

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My lending library by Mery

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My Lending Libary christmas in PARAGUE

My new End of christmas in PRAGUE is like this before the concert Mr rinaldi when he went to the hospital to saw carol then of saw carol some people enter to the hispital to steal thing of other people because they were thiefs. So they put carol under the bed ,but when the thiefs enter they knock all the people in that room except Carol. When the tiefs went out of the hospital there qere any sound there so is probably that the doctors are knock to.
So then of 12 hours The knock people wake up but, it was so late, Carol in 12 need a doctor but all were knock so Carol died and all the people didn’t know what has happen there because they were knock so that is the END modificate of the story.

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Emi´s Lending Library

My vocaroo

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my lending library

this is my vocaroo about the book: my mom, the movie star.
Audio and voice recording >>

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