Oliver Twist-Eugenia Yezze N7




oliver twist was now at mrs.maylie’s house with rose he wanted to inquire about his family wanted to see who his parents were then called mr.brownlow (who had been with him for a while) then they had a meeting.
Oliver listened to all the conversation, he said that they could not find who were the parents then he went to investigate alone, entered the room of mrs.maylie and found some papers with his name that he was her son.
an hour later he showed her the papers to her, she was very surprised because they were letters that she had never opened that her husband had sent her before dying.
it was about her not only having rose but also oliver and that they were twins

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Lending Library Kidnap




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I Spy

This is the book I read.

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Amazon Rally

I read this book. I recommend you. It is a very good book.

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Our systems

While learning about our human body, we also modelled our respiratory and circulatory systems with play doh. It was such fun!

Children you are amazing artists!!

Check this link below to have a look at what we did!


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How do our Bodies Work?

We’ve been learning about how our immune system works when we want to defend ourselves against viruses and bacteria.

These are some of the mindmaps we did to describe how our immune system works:

By Emi, Cande, Jaime and Nico

By Juani, Panchi, Luchi and Facu

By Vicen, Pipe and Franco

By Lucas, Simón and Manu

by Euge, Edu, Ine and Gabo

By Mary, Mate, Franchu and Feli

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My Mom, the Movie Star by Cande

Made with Storyboard That

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Lending library. l.a. raid

Voice Recorder >>

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Made with Storyboard That

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Turn up the volume!

Here are the amazing raps and songs you created using all the information we worked with in class on the immune system, virus and bacteria. We loved to see how well you worked together and how much fun you had in the meantime.

Pipe, Vicen and Franco

Hey Patient, no! ohhhh! You don´t see that if you infect your leg you can have a disease, cause of bacterias and virus, yeahhhh…
Please don´t jump there, please don´t jump there don´t jump there because you are going to infect again … yeah… don´t be rude don´t be rude. I am doing this only for you. I hope that you like it… I hope that you like it. But I want to hear your songs again.

Simón, Manu and Lucas

If you want to stay healthy you have to be protective (mmm) against some virus from your skin you can get some help, you also have an immune system mucus, nose hairs and stomach acids, if this don´t work you have specially from viruses white blood cells but beware with polio or you´ll be paralyzed never stay near a person who has bacteria or you´ll see this causes flu so you have to beware from all these bacterias and those viruses, those viruses (mmm)
You have to take care of yourself or if not you´ll be ill. Thanks people. We´ve already finished.

Jaime, Nico, Cande & Emi

We have an immune system that protect us from viruses and bacts. We will tell you how.
First our suit of armour, our skin makes bacteria don´t get in.
Next, are the nose hairs that trap the bacteria and the mucus attack. The stomach acids destroyed the bacteria for the end we have the white blood cells they attacked and the viruses vince, that´s the body defense.

Franchu, Mateo, Felipe & Mery

Yeah! Do you know why it´s important to protect yourself, I have to tell you how you can save…
Be careful, the bacteria and virus can infect you, and more things that could be dangerous to you…
Immune system, the polio can paralyze you, and the influenza causes the flu, on you…
Immune system …
Now, we will tell you how to protect yourself, listen to our song again…
Immune system
The white blood cells kill the virus, the skin acts like a suit of armour and more things to defend you…
Immune system

Euge, Ine, Gabino & Eduardo

Now we start the immune system can help us so the sickness would go up. Then there is many different parts like WBC SF NH too so we can defend our bodies ourselves too. There is bad things in our bodies that are called viruses and bacteria they are bad for ourselves
One virus is called influenza is what causes the flu and there is polio that can paralyze you.

Juana, Luchi, Panchi and Facu

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